Easy Test And Brain Teasers That’ll Leave You Stumped 😳

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Are you brave enough to solve these brain teasers and easy tests that will actually leave you stumped! Solving riddles on a daily basis is the fastest way to improve your logic, intelligence, and critical thinking. You don’t have to solve them for hours! Solving puzzles for 20 minutes a day is enough 🙂 Seven Second Riddles is definitely a great place to find any kind of riddles, tests and brain teasers for all levels! So, don’t be shy and try these fun riddles out!

00:14 – A small portion of visual riddles to boost your thinking and increase your logic! Who made this mess? Share your answer to the last puzzle in the comments!
01:09 – A tricky crime riddle only the most attentive solvers can crack! Turn on your logic and believe your eyes, not what the other people say. Feel free to pause the video if you feel the lack of time as it’s a really hard one!
02:27 – This cool trivia might not make you a star, but at least you won’t have any bad picture anymore! Following these simple rules, you’ll be able to highlight your best features and always look good in a photo. I wish I could have such a guide at prom! Let me know which tips you think to be the best and which you prefer not to use!
04:21 – A portion of short visual puzzles to test your attentiveness and logical thinking. Who do you think is a woman? Share your answer to the last puzzle in the comments!
05:52 – An unbelievable trivia quiz that will make your jaws drop! This is a cool test with answers revealing the facts that are hard to even imagine (still you can try😉). We don’t think about how strongly all creatures in the world are connected. This trivia really made me review way of looking at things. What about me, I definitely have a goldfish memory😁
08:06 – A visual personality test that will blow your mind! What did you see first? You need to answer fast and don’t think for too long to get the right results!
10:30 – A tricky crime riddle only the most attentive ones can crack! How could the detective identify the criminal throwing only a glance at him? This is not an easy riddle at all…Turn on your logic and pick any small detail, then you’ll definitely find the answer!
11:42 – A super hard logic puzzle for the professional riddles solver! Can you crack the code before the time is up?
12:51 – A mind-blowing quiz with an answer that will surprise you! Guess who is a woman!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS how many answers you got right!

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