Easy Guide For Telling The Future By Reading Palms!


Here are the things you must remember when reading palms.

1. According to Wikihow, the first and most important thing to remember before you read a palm is to make sure which hand to read. For females, it is recommended to read the right hand. For males, left hand is more suitable. These conditions may vary.

2. The second thing to keep in mind is that there are four major lines: the heart line, the head line, the life line, and the fate line. Some people may or may not have some of these, but these lines are the most prominent creases in your palms.
The heart line determines an individual’s emotional stability, romance, and even cardiac health. It can mean many things. If it begins before your index finger, you are satisfied with your love life. If the line is straight and short, you have less interest in romance.
The head line represents an individual’s intellectual aspect.

3. After familiarizing yourself with the lines and creases of palm reading, we must then focus on the shape of the hands. Each type determines your element. Here are the four types:

Earth – Broad, square palms and short, stubby fingers mean that you are energetic yet stubborn. You are also practical, responsible, and materialistic.

Air – Rectangular palms with long fingers mean you’re sociable, talkative, witty, and you sometimes do things in radical ways.
Water – Long and oval shaped palms mean you’re creative, emotional, sympathetic, and can sometimes be moody. This shape is often attributed to introverts.

Fire – Square or rectangular palms can mean you’re spontaneous, egoistic, enthusiastic, and sometimes insensitive.

4. Now cups your hands in a way that you can still see your palms. Notice the fleshy bits that rise? Those are called mounts, and they can indicate a lot of things. Different mounts under different fingers can mean a lot of things.

Under your thumb is the Venus mount. If prominent, it means you can be promiscuous. If non-existent, you have less interest in family matters.

Under your index finger is the Jupiter mount. If prominent, this means than you are dominant. If non-existent, it means you lack confidence.

Under your middle finger is the Saturn mount. If prominent, you’re stubborn and cynical but if it’s low, you are disorganized and superficial.

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