Dumbest Criminals In History


These are 10 of the dumbest criminals that we could find, making mistakes that lead to them getting caught by the police, and we’re sure they immediately regretted their actions. Hopefully they’re making restitution, and turning their lives back around!

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Welcome back, Richest fans! Come and get distracted by some real-life trivia! Whenever we turn on the television or go to see a film, often criminals will be involved. If so, they can be seen as these classy rogues with hearts of gold. Often, their illegal plans are pulled off to perfection. Yet in the real world, life doesn’t work that way all the time. In fact, some criminals are pretty terrible at their chosen career. Today, we’re going to look at the dumbest and worst shoplifters, thieves, and robbers to ever partake in crime.

Now, for the paragraph where we talk about what you can expect to see today. If you don’t want spoilers, watch the video now instead! One story involves two internet famous friends that drew on their disguises with permanent pens. We have two stories involving social media. One where a couple in Ohio show-off their heist online. The other that uses his wanted poster as his profile photo. We have the story where a fake cop pulls over the car of a real cop. There’s the genius immigrant that disguised himself as a chair. We have a robber that forgot his personal details where on his note. We have a man in Glasgow that tried to steal cash with a cucumber. We also have the Amish teen that races the police. There’s the sham marriage that was easily discovered. We have a Walmart shoplifter brazenly taking a TV. Finally, we have a thief in Australia that accidentally steals a bag containing a snake. So, watch the video and learn about the nutty side of crime!

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