Download 19 Windows XP Themes


course already many in use by Windows OS users, but I’m sure Windows XP users are still many more especially in Indonesia, because XP although classified as an ancient OS model but he is still able to use for computer users as the operating system Reliable and a top choice instead of using a Vista operating system that turns out many flaws and bugs.

On this occasion I want to share 19 Windows XP theme collection that I value very okay and will certainly make your computer monitor screen look more fresh and interesting. Because the designs are good there is also a feel of freshness in it, ok without talking again here 19 pieces of Windows XP Themes. This is also my friend’s request some time ago I’ve posted …

Who want to download please wrote ,, kalo ga mau ya gapapa .. hehehe

Extract Filenya, then Install Theme one by one …

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