Don’t Leave Your Bedroom Door Open at Night, Here’s Why


Just 40 years ago we had around 17 minutes to escape a burning building. Today, we’re down to 3 minutes, and that’s in the best case. Fire has become faster, and we have the furniture in our homes to blame. Nowadays, it’s made of synthetic materials that burn faster, hotter, and give off toxic gases (compared to the natural materials homes used to be filled with).

By the way, do you sleep with your bedroom door open or closed? The thing is that about half of home fires happen at night. If it ever happens to you while you’re sound asleep, a closed door could be a matter of survival! A closed door gives you back the precious time you need. It stops fire from spreading into your bedroom as fast, and you stay safe for a while. But still, you need to get out ASAP because the door can’t protect you forever. Let’s find out how to stay safe during a house fire.


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What to do in a house fire 2:04
How to deal with a car fire 4:28

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