DISCOVER what chewing gum does to your brain!!! | How to increase concentration power in studeis


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In this video we’ll talk about what chewing gum does to your brain.

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How to increase concentration power in studies.

Chewing gum can actually increase your concentration power and improve your attention according to a few interesting studies.
In one study 159 students were given several brain demanding tasks such as figuring out logic puzzles and repeating random numbers backward. 50% of the subjects chewed gum while the other half were given nothing. Chewing gum was associated with performance advantages on multiple measures when gum was chewed for 5 min before, but not during, cognitive testing.
Notice we said chewing gum 5 minutes before the demanding task and not during the task. The researches speculated that the lack of improvement in cognitive function when gum is chewed throughout testing may be because of interference effects…in other words we are bad at multitasking.
Another study performed one year later found that “chewing gum improved performance as in increased alertness and broadened focus of attention and quickened reaction time.”
The researches confirmed the effect of chewing gum on increased concentration power but ads that “changes in the effects of chewing gum require further investigation.”
How about that? The next time you have to do something that requires a lot of brain power. Perhaps try chewing some gum? Just remember to chew it before and not during the task, if we want to go with what the sudy told us.
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