Could You Live Forever If You Replaced Your Organs With New Ones?


Can we live forever? That’s a question many humans ask: eternal life, the fountain of youth, the cure to death: whatever you wanna call it, we’ve been looking for it for hundreds, possibly even thousands, of years. Perhaps organ transplantation is the solution to our mortal problem? Would it be possible to live forever if you kept replacing your organs with new ones over time? Let’s find out what scientists have to say about it.

How to increase your lifespan 1:11
How much do transplantations cost 2:05
How many more years can transplanted organs add to our life 3:46
Can our life expectancy be increased passed the 122 years limit 5:08
Can animal organs extend our lifespan 7:10
Alternative ways to solve the problem: 3D bioprinting 8:59
The main reason we age 10:30


-Increasing one’s lifespan through organ transplantation is indeed possible. There are no real-life examples of this, of course. Rumor has it that the famous banker David Rockefeller, who died at the age of 101, may have had not one but seven heart transplants.
-If you need a new shoulder joint or a stomach, be prepared to spend about $500. A new jaw with teeth or a gall bladder would cost around $1,200. If you have $1,500 left, you can get yourself a brand new pair of eyeballs or a coronary artery. The price of just one kidney would easily be over $250,000.
-On average, kidney and liver transplants can give you about 20 more years. For an added 1,000 years of life, you’d need to get 31 heart transplants and 47 kidney and liver transplants.
-Scientists found several genes that may hold the secret to fending off aging diseases, but the search isn’t over yet. According to Dr. Perls, replacing body parts or even organs won’t get most of us past 130 years of life.
-It’s not only human organs that can extend our lives to some degree; pig organs can get the job done too. Pig and baboon organs still aren’t the answer we’re looking for, though, because they’d likely get rejected by the human immune system.
-Thanks to 3D bioprinting, scientists can now print blood vessels, heart valves, skin, and liver cells, just to name a few.
-Believe it or not, the main reason we age is breathing! And even if you try to breathe less, you’re still not gonna live longer.

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