Cooler Master H500M Case Review vs. H500P Mesh & H500P


There’s another case named “H500” on the market. We’re reviewing Cooler Master’s H500M case, including thermal and noise benchmarks.
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The Cooler Master H500M case is different from both the H500P and H500P Mesh, the latter of which we held in high regard in our review. The H500M takes many of the positive traits of the H500P Mesh, including its default airflow configuration (being mesh-ventilated), but also adds ARGB LEDs and a couple of new embellishments — like more tempered glass.

Our Cooler Master H500M review compares it to the H500P, H500P Mesh, NZXT H500, 500D, and everything else named “500.” We talk about the best PC cases for gaming builds in 2018, presenting airflow benchmarks for each.

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Editorial, Testing: Steve Burke
Testing: Patrick Lathan
Video: Andrew Coleman

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