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Cooking Recope 15 Things You Should Never Ask a Fast Food Employee

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15 Things You Should Never Ask a Fast Food EmployeeSorbis/Shutterstock

A fast food worker is often used to answering hundreds of questions a day from hungry customers, but there are some annoying things that these servers wish you’d just stop asking. To get an inside look into what the guy punching buttons on the cash register really wishes you’d stop bugging him about, we scoured Reddit and found the most hilariously shocking gripes fast food workers have. To keep from getting on your server’s last nerve, avoid asking any of the following questions below.


Don’t ask for fresh fries.

Mcdonalds french friesJelena990/Shutterstock

When McDonald’s overnight employees were asked if it bothers them when customers request a fresh batch of fries, Reddit user gunnry admitted, “It bothers [me] when customers demand fresh fries when a fresh batch came up a minute ago, so I’ll say it’s really not necessary and that they just came out a moment ago and they’re piping hot. Lots of people say they want no salt because then you HAVE to make fresh ones.”


Don’t ask for your ‘usual.’

Barista coffee shopShutterstock

You might be a regular at your fast food joint, but don’t expect the employees to know your favorite foods. User msrockatansky divulges, “I used to work at dunkin donuts and so many frequent customers would ask for their ‘usual’ like I had a mental rolodex of 20+ people’s coffee preferences or I cared enough to remember.”


Don’t ask ‘What’s good here?’

Woman thinking asking questionShutterstock

Reddit user Mrubuto detailed what goes through their mind when a customer requests their opinion: “walk up to register. ‘..hmmmm what’s good?’ you’re at [expletive] McDonald’s! Nothing!” EmpirePenguin had a different take on the ‘what’s good’ request, explaining that it depends on the person: “Asking me to suggest food items, I’ve never met you before, how am I supposed to know which, of the 40 food items on the menu, you would like?”


Don’t ask for free food.

Man holding moneyShutterstock

Even though fast food is cheap, you still need to pay for it. It annoys tana-ryu when people “try to get free stuff by saying the other stores give it to them for free.” Some customers take a different tactic by requesting bigger portions. A former Chipotle employee revealed that when you ask for more meat the answer is no, “You get 4 ounces just like everybody else. You can pay for more if you really want it that badly.”


Don’t ask for complicated substitutions.

Grabbing egg breakfastTwenty20

Reddit user Stalking_Panda shared which menu items are too much of a hassle for McDonald’s overnight workers to concoct: “Special requests come in a lot… ‘I want an egg muffin but sub the ham with steak and egg whites instead’ or an (insert sandwich here) but with weird ingredients from other sandwiches. Those ones seem to annoy people on the grill the most.”


Don’t request changes out of their control.

Woman grossed out by foodsShutterstock

Reddit user corpulentFornicator and former Jimmy John’s employee reported that customers who ask for toasted sandwiches will often be disappointed. Jimmy John’s doesn’t “have toasters/microwaves and all of the sandwiches are served cold (subs are made very quickly as a result).” The user continued to explain that “Tons of customers would ask for toasted sandwiches and would flip out when I told them we couldn’t do it. It was freaking mind-boggling that people couldn’t understand that JJ’s specializes in cold subs, and that we don’t make exceptions for people.”

More Jimmy John’s employees chimed in that they have the same problem, user tiny-danza added that customers also ask, “But you have an oven, can’t you use that?” And user IHavePetChickens shared their solution: “I just started telling people that the oven was pre-set at 425 degrees and didn’t have a way of changing the temperature, so if I put their sub in it would burst into flame and burn the store down. Most of the time I would get an apology.”


Don’t ask them to rush.

Man tapping watch impatiently waiting for foodShutterstock

Reddit user SaulKarath dished about customers who are in a rush: “I used to work fast food. I get that it’s ‘fast food’ but please don’t yell because you were running late to work and decided to stop for a meal anyway.”


Don’t ask for something on the ‘secret menu.’

Menu ordering pointShutterstock

While there are multiple blogs devoted to secret menu hacks at your favorite fast food restaurant, that doesn’t mean the employees know exactly what you’re asking for. “Former Starbucks worker here,” begins user stac52, “Please don’t order anything off the ‘Secret Menu.’ It doesn’t exist.”

Instead of asking for “a snickerdoodle, [Nutella], or captain crunch [frappuccino] (or whatever other overly [sugary] thing someone has since come out with),” stac52 recommends that you “know the base drink and the modifications, and order that. If you just say the name, it’s up to the barista to come up with what’s in the drink, and it may not be what the last barista you ordered from put in there.”

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