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Cookie Run Kingdom has many different codes up for redemption at this time that can help players earn lots of crystals, coins, and much more.
Even though Cookie Run Kingdom has been around for less than a year, there are plenty of ways to get rewards for free. Throughout the game's consistent update schedule, many special codes have been released to celebrate new content and thank the player base.
When using any code for Cookie Run Kingdom, there are a couple of important things to note. The first thing is that every code can only be used once per DevPlay account. This account is what players use for any game made by Devsister. The other thing is that Cookie Run Kingdom will need to be restarted in order to receive the rewards. After logging back in, the rewards will appear in the players' mail.
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Players can access the code redemption screen by first selecting the menu icon in the top right corner of the screen. By selecting the Coupon option, players will be taken to a browser screen where they will be able to enter the name of their DevPlay account and the code of choice. Players can find the name of their DevPlay account in-game by going into Cookie Run Kingdom's settings menu and selecting the Info tab. Under User Info will be the player's DevPlay account name.
The following codes are confirmed to still be working in October 2021:
While there are plenty of codes that are currently active, this doesn't mean they'll be available forever. There are already quite a number of codes that have expired, also offering precious rewards. If players haven't redeemed any of the above codes yet, it is highly recommended to take care of them as soon as possible.
On the coupon menu, it is very important to make sure all of the codes are spelled correctly, as well as players' DevPlay accounts. Most players will have their account name be the same as their email, so players need to enter their full email if that is the case.
The following codes are officially expired as of October 2021.
Cookie Run Kingdom is available on Android and iOS devices.
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