Coding Challenge 162: Self-Avoiding Walk

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It’s finally time to attempt a Self-Avoiding Walk! In this video, I quickly visualize a simple JavaScript p5.js implementation of a self-avoiding walk. I then tackle the more complex problem of backtracking to find a solution to a space-filling self-avoiding walk.

p5.js Web Editor Sketches:
🕹️ Basic Self Avoiding Walk:
🕹️ Self Avoiding Walk with Backtracking:
🕹️ Self Avoiding Walk 3D:
🕹️ Self Avoiding Walk with Bezier:
🕹️ Self Avoiding Walk with Recursion:
🕹️ Random Walk with Alpha:

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Links discussed in this video:
🔗 Self Avoiding Walk (Wikipedia):
🔗 The complexity of counting self-avoiding walks in subgraphs of two-dimensional grids and hypercubes:
🔗 The pivot algorithm: A highly efficient Monte Carlo method for the self-avoiding walk (sci-hub):

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0:00 Choo choo! Welcome!
1:05 Explain! How can we go about this?
2:29 Code! Let’s add a visited grid.
6:25 Code! What are the options for movement now?
10:34 Code! Let’s check the edges.
12:34 I could stop here but wait.
13:30 Explain! How can we think about backtracking?
15:15 Code! Let’s make a spot class and a path variable.
24:23 Code! Now backtracking!
29:38 Whoops! Copying allOptions was a mistake.
31:19 Code! Maybe we need an end condition.
32:09 Yay! It worked.
32:22 This could take awhile. Could it be improved?

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