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Topics to be covered in Python Programming Class – 6:

1. Why we use Regular Expressions?
2. What are Regular Expressions?
3. Basic Regular Expressions operations
4. E-mail verification using Regular Expressions
5. Phone number verification using Regular Expressions
6. Web scraping using Regular Expressions

Previous Classes:
1. Introduction To Python:
2. Python Variables & Datatypes:
3. Python Operators:
4. Python Functions:
5. Object-Oriented Programming Using Python:

Following is the schedule:
12th Sept – Introduction To Python
13th Sept – Python Variables & Datatypes Tutorial
14th Sept – Python Operators Tutorial
15th Sept – Python Functions Tutorial
16th Sept – Object-Oriented Programming Using Python Tutorial
17th Sept – Regular Expressions (RegEx) Tutorial For Beginners
18th Sept – Introduction To Data Analytics
19th Sept – Top 10 Python Packages
20th Sept – Introduction To NumPy – Creating N-D Arrays Using NumPy
21st Sept – Introduction To Matplotlib For Data Visualization
22nd Sept – Introduction To Pandas For Creating & Manipulating DataFrames
23rd Sept – Developing Web Maps & Performing Web Scraping Using Python
24th Sept – Introduction To Computer Vision Using OpenCV
26th Sept – Developing A Motion Detector Using OpenCV, Pandas, NumPy & Bokeh

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