Why does China love Pakistan?


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I am an ordinary Chinese person, my English is poor. Please allow me to use the translation software.

I don’t know much about the domestic situation in Pakistan. I know a little bit from watching the news. Pakistan is not rich, sometimes in the face of war. Peripheral international environment in Pakistan is not very friendly, and Pakistan is accused of providing a safe refuge for terrorists.

This situation is very similar to that of China in the 60s, and it reminds me of the road leading to China’s progress.

Poverty is plaguing the people, the harsh external environment and the technology blockade, It is a humiliating history.

When a man is starving to death, a man gives him a cookie,That’s all a person can do.

When a man is flooded, he will catch every straw beside him.

Who can help us? Western powers? At that time, Pakistan reached out with friendly hands, so the Chinese government thanked them and the Chinese people loved them.

Many people say that China is looting Pakistan, and cite a lot of data. I do not deny that there are certain mutual benefits, but if you think you can help the people in Pakistan get better, just do it. But you didn’t, only China did.

The friendship between China and Pakistan is historically verified and mutually beneficial.

Falling behind means that you might be hit. The people in the developed areas are always accustomed to ignoring the sufferings of the people at the bottom. If everyone is rich, there is no sense of superiority.

So I sincerely hope that Pakistan can become stronger and give a strong response to those who despise it.

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