Mivo.TV – Live Streaming for Android

Consecutive Posts about Android, but it seems this is eagerly awaited by Android users, Mivo.TV – Live Streaming. Is an application that can be used to watch TV Streaming, Chanel Indonesia to the World variety is therein, with kuaitas images are quite clear compared to TV Turner HP in general. Chanel TV Indonesia available include, […]

Document To Go 3.0 for Android

This is the second (2) time I Post Apps for Android , because you want to Post Blackberry Applications but not have his BB. hehe. Named Document To Go, is an Office Manager Software that can Create and Read Office Files , such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF. Applications are dibesut by DataViz is indeed very famous in its category, its selling price has also soared […]

Remote Web Desktop for Android

Lots of Android Apps out there. Dozens, Hundreds and even hundreds of thousands of Android Applications scattered, ranging from Free to Paid. But it seems that Remote Web Desktop is what has won me when I first met with Android. Remote Web Desktop is an application that can connect us instantly with the computer through Wifi network, precisely Remote Web Desktop is an application used […]

Catfiz Android Messenger 1.0.0

if for Blackberry Application Users for Chat named Blackberry Messenger , if in Android name is Catfiz Android Messenger . The descendant of Catfiz Android Messenger is indeed not an Android Palform output , it is an External Application for Android that allows us Chat with each other very easily, like its Blackberry Messenger, Catfiz Android Messenger also has its own NIC (PIN) to recognize Identity The owner of […]

Guitar Hero 5 for Android

Who does not know this popular game? Everyone knows, right? Guitar Hero is a pretty interesting PlayStation game. But now it is not just a PlayStationnya loh. Now there is a version of Android that so my friend can also play this game on your favorite Android. How to play on Anroid, my friend just touch the screen so do […]

PES 2012 for Android

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 is a familiar game for Computer Gamers. But for users of Android Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 might be a bit strange to play, but maybe some Android users are also many who play Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 is on theirAndroid device . Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 for Android also has Graphic Quality that is not inferior to the Computer version. Actually Pro […]

AVG Anti-Virus Pro 2.9 for Android

For you Android users including myself, certainly worried about our Android device will be attacked by Virus / Malware. Actually a lot of Free Antivirus for Android in Android Market , but because Free so there are some features that are locked, so our Android defense be reduced. Well, AVG Anti-Virus Pro is a solution for you guys who want optimally protected Android. In […]

Raging Thunder 2 For Android

Create your user the Android maybe this game is not foreign, Raging Thunder 2 . Car racing game which BAGAS31 very exciting, and there are a lot of car choices that we can use, but of course must be a way to play it one by one so that all cars can open all. hehe. But this game is guaranteed to make […]

Cut The Rope – Games for Android

Cut the Rope APK 2.8.0 Free Download Cut The Rope is one of the games for android that test the dexterity of the brain. In this game you are challenged to give a candy hung on a rope to a green animal waiting by cutting the rope, therefore the game is called  Cut The Rope which means ” Cut the Rope “. There […]