Side Effects Of Plastic Surgery You Should Know About

Side effects of plastic surgery Facial Plastic Surgery: Cosmetic and plastic surgery is on the rise, with 17.5 million procedures, both surgical and minimally invasive done in 2017 alone. What you should know is that, in spite of all the precautions you or your doctor might take, there are some side effects of Plastic Surgery, […]

Real Life Strong: Zahra Arabzada | Health

Zahra is an Afghani student and runner currently living in America. See how running with her hijab, or headscarf, gives her the strength to pursue an education while being so far from her family. Want to see more Health videos? Subscribe to our channel! Connect with Health Online Health Video Channel – Connect with Health […]

This Miracle Fruit Can Prevent And Cure Diabetes!

Jackfruit is one amazing fruit and vegetable (when raw) and almost liked by all the people. It looks and tastes very nice. However, some people stay away from Jackfruit as they believe it is high in calories and carbohydrates. Contrary to this, jackfruit can be eaten by those trying to lose weight simply because it […]