If You See a Man With One Painted Fingernail, Here’s What It Means

How to Contribute to Child Abuse Prevention. Some of the seemingly weird and meaningless style crazes actually have a powerful message behind them. One painted fingernail on a man is a prime example of just that. The idea behind the Polished Man Campaign is to spread the powerful message of ending violence against children around […]

If You Ever See This Growing In Your Yard, Don’t Pick It!

How to Identify Useful Weeds. We hate weeds and try to kill them with every possible kind of pesticide. However, not all of them are equally terrible, and some are even served at restaurants these days and have a bunch of healthy benefits. Purslane can grow pretty much anywhere without any sort of human assistance […]

10 Easy Exercises That Will Make You Smarter

How to Get Smarter. As you get older, your forgetfulness can worsen as gray matter deteriorates in your brain and your mind loses focus. Fortunately, there are simple things you can do to keep your brain young for as long as you can. Your brain is like a muscle, and it needs training to stay […]

If You See Scarves Tied Around Trees, It Has Deep Meaning

How to Help the Homeless People. Have you ever noticed a bunch of scarves tied around trees or poles during winter? They might look like a meaningless art installation, but in fact they have a super important mission to help the homeless people warm up. You can also make a difference and change the world […]

That’s How Insects from 300 Million Years Ago Look Like

Researchers believe the true number of all living beings in the world is closer to 9 million, and 90% of all creatures belong to the insect family. You’re going to learn some cool facts about the huge insects of today and some prehistoric species. Bugs have an extremely long and rich history on this planet, […]

12 Ways to Escape the Heat If You Don’t Have an AC

How to Survive the Summer Heat without an AC. How can you survive when the temperature outside gets up to 100°F and you have no air conditioner at home? We have searched for simple and super effective ways to escape the sweltering heat that won’t cost you anything but will work their magic. The lowest […]

If You Find This In the Wall, Don’t Touch Or Pull It!

How to Protect Your Data. Who knows what secrets a simple memory stick can hold? Scammers these days make use of those as they’re getting more and more creative to steal your data and harm your gadgets. In this video, you’ll find out what danger a flash drive sticking out of a wall can present […]

10 Signs You Might Get a Nervous Breakdown

How to Tell You’re Having a Nervous Breakdown. Emotional and physical overload, anxiety, high expectations, and increased responsibility bring us close to crossing the mental health boundaries every now and then. How can you tell if your nervous system is about to collapse and avoid serious health issues? We put together a list of warning […]

The Only Way to Survive in a Panicked Crowd

How to Survive in a Panicked Crowd. In case you find yourself at a soccer game, a concert or at any public place where lots of people go, it won’t hurt to know some safety tips to protect yourself and your family. In this video you’ll find out what you should do if you suddenly […]

TRUE OR FALSE? Only 5% Know All the Right Answers

Test Your Knowledge. Our world is a wonderful place full of funny, unexpected, and interesting things. Some of them are really hard to believe, but your sharp mind can help you figure out the truth. Do you think you have enough common sense to guess which general facts are true and which are false? Test […]