What happens to your Facebook account if you pass away?

Lynne Timlin, former “They” say I can’t tell you Updated May 27, 2017 When my daughter died, she left her Facebook page open. My son was able to go in and put family members on as friends. About a year and a half later, I started getting messages from her friends saying her page had […]

This Beautiful Plant Is Most Powerful Than Chemotherapy!

This is Periwinkle plant known by different name and in different places in the world. Philippines known this as TSITSIRIKA. The species has long been cultivated and uses as herbal medicine. During early period the extracts of its roots and shoots though poisonous is used against several diseases.Periwinkle is somewhat bitter in taste and can […]

What Does Your Heart Line Show About Your Love Life!

When it comes to palm reading, there are four lines that you are looking at. One of these lines is the love line, or heart line, which can reveal both good and bad aspects of your current and/or future love life. Love Line that Stretches Across the Palm. You are most likely to suffer from […]

Nike honors Kobe Bryant, ‘The Conductor’

In honor of Kobe Bryant’s final NBA game, Nike unveiled its new short film, “The Conductor,” which illustrates the Los Angeles Lakers legend’s polarizing effect among players, coaches, and fans alike. Noting that Bryant is a player “whom many have loved, and others have loved to hate,” the video continues the “love-hate” them surrounding the […]

VP Binay calls Duterte an executioner and his supporters cyberbullies

As the 2016 Philippine election on May 9 draws near, the campaigning and the mudslinging between candidates intensifies as Filipinos get ready to vote. In a statement released by United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) standard-bearer and current Vice-President Jejomar Binay, he labeled Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as a national executioner (“pambansang berdugo“) and his followers as […]

INFOGRAPHIC: When parties share candidates

“In the Philippines, there are no real political parties; only political families,” said political science professor Julio Teehankee. And nowhere is this phenomenon more obvious than in an election year, when it has become common for major political parties to form coalitions with other major and smaller political parties, groups, and individuals. It is also […]

Roxas comics artist makes new comics for his real idol Duterte

After making a comic book for Mar Roxas because it “was just a job”, artist Karl Comendador is all set to release one for his real idol— Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. On his Facebook page, Comendador shared a sneak peek of his new comic book highlighting Duterte’s career. Titled ‘Kanlungan ng mga Api at […]

HOTTIE ALERT: Would you let this security officer from LPU inspect you

Now we’re featuring another guy from a different field who is also cutie. He was first spotted on the Lycean Baes Official Facebook Page. Most security guards are actually hated by students. However, Ricky Misamen, also known as S/G Misamen, is loved by most girls (and some guys) at the Lyceum of the Philippines University […]