7-Second Riddles

Boost your intelligence with these 15 detective puzzles and mystery riddles! This is a set of different tricky riddles and brain teasers that are hard to crack. Only 20% of people can actually answer all the questions right on time. If you want to boost your riddles solving skill, just spend at least 20 minutes a day solving these 🙂

00:14 – Try to solve this fun puzzle that will trick your mind and try to give an answer before the time is up. Why did he return the purchases?
01:27 – Check out this brain teaser if you want to improve your logic and boost your brain! This riddle will definitely make you think for a while 😉
03:18 – This girl seems to be an experienced robber, so we need a TOP detective to crack this case! This is a cool picture riddle on crime to test your intelligence and attentiveness. If you want to know how to improve your IQ level, start with this short warming-up case!
04:31 – #RiddleSolvers, try to find the thief! Use your logic and intelligence to solve this tricky riddle and find who stole the watch!
05:52 – Where is the robber hiding? Boost your vision and test your attentiveness with a set of visual puzzles!
07:07 – How to transport a huge diamond if all the local gangsters are aware of the stone? Test your logic and boost your IQ with this cool riddle!
07:57 – Laura and Jim were sunbathing on the beach. When they went swimming, somebody stole their bag. Who is the thief?
09:12 – Find all the thieves before the time is up! This set of visual puzzles will increase your attentiveness and train your eyes!
10:43 – Who stole the diamond? Pay attention to all the details and find the thief before the time is up!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle completely blew your mind!

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