7-Second Riddles

Test your brain with these brain speed tests and cool riddles! Trivia, crime riddles, tricky puzzles – that’s all you need to enlarge your general knowledge and increase your IQ level. So, if you are ready, get right in to solving these brain games and don’t forget to share your answers in the comment below 🙂

00:14 – To solve this difficult riddle on crime you need to turn on your logic and detective skills! Try to find who killed Mary before you run out of time!
01:28 – Hey, Detective, here is a new criminal case for you! You will need to find who killed Chris. Be attentive to the details to solve this crime riddle on time.
03:31 – Challenge your eyes with this fun but tricky visual puzzle! Strain your eyes to see which word is hidden there. It’s getting more complicated from level to level, so stay focused!
05:52 – A set of fun but hard logic puzzles to melt your brain! Winter is not only a season of wonder, it may be dangerous if you aren’t careful (just like the people in this video). Train your brain and take care of yourself!
07:03 – Did she kill her husband or it was just an accident? Test your logic and attentiveness to the details with this cool crime riddle!
08:38 – You would never believe you can open anything with just an ordinary spoon! How can you do it? Try to figure it out by yourself😜 don’t be afraid of failing it, the answers will be revealed!
09:49 – This guy is a liar! Can you find any pieces of evidence to prove it? Why did the girl leave?
11:38 – A short but hard personality test that will make you face the hardest choices ever! Are you brave enough to take this would you rather quiz and face some fears and temptations? Tell me your result in the comments!
13:28 – A fun visual puzzle that will trick your brain! Who partied all night? Share your answers in the comments!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last quiz!

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