Blessing From Above Miraculous Healing Of Oregano Tea Cure Asthma, Infections And More

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Oregano is usually seen inside the kitchen due to it can be utilized in order to improve the taste of foods and various types of dishes, even after knowing all of the delightful and helpful curing and medicinal properties of this plant.

While most of people commonly consume this in a dry form, the raw form of it remain its properties and traits a lot better.

Below are the various health benefits of consuming oregano:

1. Soothes Inflammation
– Oregano has been known as an amazing and astonishing anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic because of its high concentrations of thymol. It can really make the muscles sturdier and combat against overall inflammatory illnesses.

2. Has the Potential to Cleanse the Body
– Current studies that have been conducted proven that oregano has the astonishing potential to cleanse the liver and even help it in removing those toxins inside because of the organic compounds and important minerals it has.

3. It Supports in Making the Skin Beautiful
– Many people have already heard that citrus fruits have a big amount of both antioxidants and nutrients, but whether you consider it or not, oregano extracts up to 20x stronger in relation to other types of plants and even in relation to fruits such as blueberries that are known to be ahead with other fruits, with the said properties. The components that it contains can really help in stopping cellular aging which benefits both of the skin and body.

4. Enhances the Health of the Bones
– Oregano has both iron and calcium, which are known to be both essential minerals when it comes to making the bones much stronger and even protecting the body from experiencing to possible arthritis and osteoporosis.

Here’s the easy method in making Oregano Tea:

3 tsp. of raw oregano or 1 tsp. of dry form of it
300 M L of water

– Pour water in a pot, then set the fire on and let it simmer.
– Afterwards, add the oregano into it and transfer it in a glass.
– Cover the cup and let it cool down for 10 minutes.
– Finally, strain the infusion and add a teaspoon of sugar or honey to sweeten it.

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