Biggest World Treasures You Could Still Find Today


Some of the world’s biggest mysteries. These items have been lost over the course of history and, if found, they have the potential to not only make you extremely rich but also change history itself. From golden eggs worth over millions of dollars to a whole room being stolen from royalty.

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Some of these treasures seem to have been lost through pure carelessness, while others fell out of the hands of their owners through a variety of political reasons. Other items on this list exist more so through word of mouth than any formal documentation, but that’s what makes them so interesting.

The story of the San Miguel ship and the rest of the fleet, that somehow dropped millions of gold coins into the ocean. Then there are the pieces of jewelery that fell into the wrong hands and eventually no one’s hands. What’s crazy is that there’s almost definitely someone in the world who knows the answer to all of these stories.

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