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Defeating Tower Tycoon Palmer in Pokémon BDSP is no small feat, but Pokémon such as Empoleon can help make the battle significantly easier.
One of the biggest difficulty spikes in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl occurs in the postgame when the player goes up against Battle Tower Tycoon Palmer for the first time. Palmer is easily one of the toughest battles the player will have faced up to that point, but fortunately, there are a handful of Pokémon the player can bring with them that make the challenge much more manageable.
Pokémon BDSP are not challenging games by any stretch of the imagination, but there are a handful of battles sprinkled throughout the adventure that actually tests the player and forces them to implement strategic battle strategies. Champion Cynthia is one of such battles, but the first time the player faces Palmer in the Battle Tower is probably even tougher. Not only does he have an extremely well-balanced and tough team, but the stakes are also considerably higher than most other battles, as he will only face the player when they’ve won 20 straight battles at the Battle Tower, and losing to him forces the player to start their streak back from zero.
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The player can face off against Palmer a number of times in Pokémon BDSP, including again when they’ve won 49 battles in a row, and then a few other times when taking on the Masters Class battles in the tower. The battles get progressively harder each time, but even the first one can be a significant challenge, so the information below will only pertain to that first encounter. Per Battle Tower team restrictions, all trainers are only allowed to have three Pokémon, all level 50 or lower, and Palmer certainly comes packing three powerhouses. The first time the player faces him his team consists of a Rhyperior, a Milotic, and a Dragonite. Each one can be a headache on its own, but they all complement each other’s weaknesses very well, and if the player doesn’t also come prepared with a well-balanced team of their own they’ll probably be in for a tough time.
Empoleon is one of Sinnoh’s three starter Pokémon so there’s a good chance that the player already has this one in tow when they reach Palmer. Fortunately, even if the player went with a different starter, BDSP gives players a way to catch all the other starter Pokémon. Empolen enjoys an excellent matchup against two of Palmer’s Pokémon, and while it has a tough time dealing any damage to fellow Water-type Milotic, Milotic has an equally challenging time doing any damage back.
Empoleon is in many ways a defensive Pokémon, but assuming the one the player has in tow doesn’t have a hindering nature, it should easily be able to one-hit KO Palmer’s Rhyperior with a Surf attack. Assuming the Empoleon also has Ice Beam in its move-set, it should be able to make similarly quick work of the Dragonite. As mentioned before, most Empoleon builds will have an extremely tough time doing any damage to the Milotic, so that’s why it’s advised for the player to bring some more offense-oriented Pokémon into the battle with them to complement Empoleon during this Battle Tower fight in Pokémon BDSP.
Speaking of more offensive Pokémon, Rotom, and specifically its Mow-form has been a staple of the competitive scene for a while, and it’s equally as useful when taking on Palmer. Fortunately, it’s fairly simple to find Rotom in Pokémon BDSP, and the player should take full advantage of this before taking on Palmer. Rotom-Mow possesses decent defensive stats, but more importantly, it has excellent typing and a strong special attack stat. Better yet, Rotom-Mow can learn Thunderbolt and Leaf Storm, both moves that deal super effective damage to Palmer’s Milotic, which makes it the perfect complement to Empoleon.
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Leaf Storm in particular has a base damage of 140, which means it can make short work of Milotic. The downside of course is that it does harshly lower the special attack stat after usage, but often times its enough to wipe out the Milotic in one hit, and a quick swap out with anotherPokémon can get that special attack stat back up right away. While Rotom-Mow’s main appeal is the damage it can do to Milotic, its Leaf Storm move is equally as devastating to Palmer’s Rhyperior.
Gyarados, one of the most popular Pokémon of all time, should be another popular choice to bring into battle against Palmer. The player will have to watch out for Palmer’s Dragonite’s Stone Edge move which will devastate Gyarados due to its partial Flying-typing, but outside of that, his team has a hard time damaging Gyarados. Even better, Gyarados is an extremely powerful Pokémon with plenty of offensive firepower to wreak havoc on Palmer’s squad.
Gyarados’ Ice Fang will most likely one-hit KO Palmer’s Dragonite, and most water moves should be able to do the same against Rhyperior. Similar to Empoloen, Gyarados’ biggest obstacle in the fight will be Milotic, but players might still be able to brute force their way through it with a strong move such as Crunch, thanks to Gyarados’ extremely high attack stat. And again similarly to Empoleon, the fact that Milotic doesn’t have much in its tool kit to hurt Gyarados makes it a safe play.
Tyranitar is an offensive powerhouse of a Pokémon capable of punching a massive hole in Palmer’s team on its own. Tyranitar sports some of the best base stats in the game, including a monstrous base attack stat of 134, which means even attacks that hit for neutral damage can cause some serious damage. Tyranitar also has a varied move pool and has at least one super effective move for every member of Palmer’s team. It can learn a couple of different Dragon-type moves or Ice Fang to take care of Dragonite, and its Earthquake move has a base power of 100 and hits Rhyperior for super effective damage. Milotic again poses the biggest threat, as it can destroy Tyranitar with a super effective Hydro Pump, but Tyranitar can also learn Thunder Fang which is super effective against Milotic, so at least it has some options in the matchup.
Battle Tower Tycoon Palmer is easily one of the most challenging opponents in all of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. The first battle against him will require strategy and preparation, but any of the Pokémon listed above should be hugely beneficial in making the battle a little more manageable.
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