7-Second Riddles

Your brain will appreciate this compilation of best brain training games, teasers and cool trivia that will hike up your IQ and exercise your brain:

00:14 – This tough crime riddle is for the smartest ones only! If you’re able to find the fake staff member among all these people, you can easily apply to be a FBI agent! So focus your mind and try to find the mall detail that breaks the logic of the whole picture. Got it? Tell me in the comments!
01:14 – A hardcore set of tests for the smartest and most brilliant minds only! You will have to concentrate like never before or you will definitely fail. This visual test will show how quickly your brain reacts to the signals it gets from your eyes. This has a special impact on how quickly you process information, make conclusions and take your decisions. If you pass at least 2 levels, then it’s a good result, congrats!
04:18 – If you’re afraid of doctors and go to visit one only when being on edge (just like me), here is a short test you can do at home. Just don’t forget to see your doctor if the result isn’t that good😉 You will need just a pen, a sheet of paper and 5 minutes. Follow all the instructions carefully and calculate your result. By the way, I my heart functions excellently, what about you? ☀️ A cool test to check your heart and stay healthy!
05:55 – A blood-freezing riddle that hardly made me feel disappointed in mankind😱 It will turn your mind upside down! The criminal’s alibi seems perfect and every precaution was taken beforehand, so how could they reveal the malicious husband if he had covered up the crime? It’s a tough murder riddle with answer that will tease your brain and make your mind as sharp as a blade. If you can cope with it without any additional hints, you must be a logical genius!
07:20 – A hard riddle requiring all your logical thinking skills! Will you solve this mind blowing puzzles on time (what for me, I won’t)? If you feel it’s too difficult, you can always pause the video and think a little bit more. I used a sheet of paper to take notes and draw a scheme, otherwise I would never get it🤔
09:46 – A cool visual puzzle testing how well you know these famous brands which seem to have been with us our whole life! However, some of them were founded much earlier that the others. Can you find out which of the two rivals is the pioneer and which one is its successful competitor? You don’t need any special knowledge at all, just use your memory 100% and it will prompt an answer! A short puzzles with answers to warm up your brain and give you some interesting facts!
11:40 – Tricky riddles and best riddles to challenge your brain and give you a tough task to think over! There are no hints in it, you will have to use only your sharp logic and common sense to figure it out. Share your ideas in the comments, let’s find the correct answer together! 😜

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last set of picture puzzles and your answer to the MAIN RIDDLE in the THUMBNAIL.

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