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There hasn’t been much to be hopeful about during the Bears’ 4-8 season, but rookie quarterback Justin Fields’ development has been the one thing the fanbase has been able to enjoy during what’s been a rough season.
After missing the last two games with cracked ribs, Fields has been medically cleared and will start Sunday night against the Packers, Matt Nagy told reporters Wednesday.
Fields’ return coincides with Andy Dalton’s injury to his non-throwing hand, although Nagy insisted that Dalton’s injury has nothing to do with Fields’ return.
The last time Fields played on prime time, he orchestrated an impressive 21-point outing in the fourth quarter for the Bears, which fell just short as the Steelers booted a game-wining field goal.
Now, Fields gets another chance to show the NFL world the player he can become — and he gets to do it against Chicago’s biggest rival.
While there’s still not a lot of hope the Bears can beat the Packers, fans recognize the most important thing at this point of the season — the continued development of Fields.
Justin Fields’ ribs healed right about the time that Andy Dalton may have a broken finger. So that’s always nice. #Bears
— Aaron Leming (@AaronLemingNFL) December 8, 2021

The #Bears aren't going to the playoffs this year. So the evaluation of Justin Fields the rest of the way is the biggest thing for this franchise no matter who is back and who is not.
Barring anymore injuries, we get five more games of him as the starter.
— Zack Pearson (@Zack_Pearson) December 8, 2021

Great experience for Fields though. Gonna play there 17 more times minimum
— Brad Spielberger, Esq. (@PFF_Brad) December 8, 2021

Scratch fantasy –
Super excited to see our franchise guy out there vs. our rival this week as a Bears fan. Sundays are better when you’re looking forward to your home team play.
— Nick Skrip (@P2WFantasy) December 8, 2021

At least there is something to watch for.
— Furious George (@FuriousGeorge94) December 8, 2021

Doesn’t matter if Nagy is still coaching
— Andrew (@Ajohnson_45) December 8, 2021

This will be the first time Justin Fields plays the same team for a second time. Looking forward to seeing how he responds
— Lorin Cox (@CoxSports1) December 8, 2021

Don’t give me hope
— Boehm (@Nick_Boehm72) December 8, 2021
— Parth Shah (@ParthShahBD) December 8, 2021

Justin Fields vs Aaron Rodgers🔥🔥
— Jorge Tinajero (@jorgetinajeroe) December 8, 2021

really not sure how to feel about this cause i’d rather him be shut down for the season. but at least it’ll be (semi) entertaining
— Ron Mexico (@m_gallagher18) December 8, 2021

Bears are upsetting Green Bay. BOOK IT!!!!!!!!
— Certified Justin Fields Lover (@RLZ54) December 8, 2021
— Bryan, She Wrote (@StuckInTheIV) December 8, 2021

I’m all the way back in, Bears money line is a lock
— Jared Chance (@jaredchance67) December 8, 2021

Time to start convincing myself we have a chance
— White Boy Rick (@W_B_Rick) December 8, 2021

Had no choice ….. start him now or get fired
— KDRoberts (@thakicker11) December 8, 2021

little rib injury never set my boy back before!
— Hayley McGoldrick (@GoldieOnSports) December 8, 2021

Can’t believe they’d tell the Packers this early in the week, now they’ll have so much time to get ready for the Fields offense that differs so extensively from the Dalton offense!
— Mitchell Schwartz (@MitchSchwartz71) December 8, 2021

Ok… I’m watching now 😂
— MonstaOfDaTriState (@scar179nyc) December 8, 2021

Fields coming to save the Bears
— G R I Z Z. (@GrizzlyGridiron) December 8, 2021

Sunday night lambeau is a spooky place kid
— Tyler Wascow (@TyTywas) December 8, 2021

Please keep our future QB safe while our HC tries to ruin him!!
— DaBearsBacker (@DaBearsBacker) December 8, 2021

Being him on. The future King.
— A Cold Civil War Cultural War Battle (@AlphaSenshi) December 8, 2021

Thank the Lord, Justin Fields
— Fields Of Bears (@FieldsofBears) December 8, 2021

Aka: The last throw of Nagy’s dice
— Ollie Murry (@OllieMurray1) December 8, 2021

Maybe the bears lose by 14 now instead of 35
— Brett (@CUBBlEBLUE97) December 8, 2021

The only reason to watch Chicago Bears football games has returned.
— illwill (Light Skin but I'm still a Dark….) (@79illwill) December 8, 2021

What was your favorite moment of the Andy Dalton Era?™️
— lindsey ok (@lindseyyok) December 8, 2021

Finally, a reason to watch the game on Sunday Night.
— Erik Duerrwaechter (@EDuerrwaechter) December 8, 2021

— Bleacher Nation Bears (@BN_Bears) December 8, 2021

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