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Battlegrounds Mobile India is one of the most popular online multiplayer games in India. While the original game called Pubg: Mobile was banned in India last year, Krafton cut its ties with Tencent to release the game in India. That being said, developers have been working to improve the game day by day. In a recent update, Krafton is adding a new parental control feature for BGMI, as a part of its ‘Game Responsibly’ campaign. 
The new parental control feature will bring certain restrictions in the form of time limitations and one-time password confirmation. The ‘Game Responsibly’ campaign and the parental control features are specially created for Battlegrounds Mobile India players who are under the age of 18. Players who are under age will have to take the consent of their parents before playing Battlegrounds Mobile India. 
As and when underage players will try to play the game, they will have to provide their parent’s contact numbers. BGMI servers will send an OTP to the contact number, which will then be required by the underage player to play the game. Additionally, the game will display warning messages, reminders to take creaks, and other time limits on the total gaming duration. The total amount of time that can be spent by an underage user in a game will be limited to three hours. Since the game also contains some expensive in-game items, Krafton has also introduced a spending limit of Rs. 7,000 per day. 
While releasing the new parental control feature, Krafton says that every BGMI player who is below the age of 18 needs to register a guardian or parent to start playing the game for the first time. Thereafter, an OTP will be sent to the given mobile number, and only after entering the OTP will the underage player be able to enter the game. Then there are other restrictions mentioned above like the time duration limit and reminders to take breaks. 
Battlegrounds Mobile India recently got a new update. Krafton rolled out the BGMI v1.7 which brought a new mode inspired by League of Legends, another popular smartphone game out there. The crossover brings new features, gameplay mechanics, and other content to BGMI. The update has been in place since November 19, 2021. Keep reading to know more about BGMI update 1.7. 


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