Ask GN 86: How Much Does RGB Increase Price of Products?


For this Ask GN, we talk about where the money goes in a high-end motherboard, particularly with a focus on how much RGB costs.
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Why Are CM AIOs So Cheap?

01:40 – Spacejamflam: “#askgn-questions Why the sweet shit are cooler master AIOs so cheap? what’s the catch?”

Do Monoblocks Help Overclocking?

03:49 – Frantic Killer: “#AskGN @Steve Burke How much additional overclock headroom can we expect from a full monoblock covering both the CPU and VRMs? Is it even worth it? Hopefully you can do some thermal testing for a comparison, I’ll send you the monoblock 😉 if you need it. And also thanks for the great content Steve. Thanks :pray:”

How Much Do RGB LEDs Impact Price?

06:28 – Static Albatross: “#askgn-questions Where does the money go on high end motherboards? It seems that high quality motherboards with good overclocking features tend to have a lot of non performance extras like m.2 covers, higher end audio, wifi, MORE RGB etc. How much do these types of features end up costing the consumer?”

8600K vs. 7700K for Video Editing?

08:55 – Quickshot Gaming: “#AskGN would the i5 8600k outperform the 7700k in video editing? 6 cores 6 threads vs 4 cores 8 threads.”

GN Mousepad Colors?

10:34 – st33med: “@Steve Burke in the future, would it be possible to make the mouse have black and blue colors? No offense, it looks great, just seems too bright for a mouse pad for me.”

Why Don’t You Talk Stock Prices?

11:28 – The Phoenix: “I noticed thay you and no other tech channels are talking about the stockprices and changes for nvidea Intel amd etc, is this for a reason of just not the category of your channel?”

Should I Buy Overkill Graphics Cards?

12:12 – Grimm_XII: “#askgn-questions Would it make sense (in theory at least, ignoring cost inefficiency) to intentionally buy an overkill graphics card for a given performance level, to minimize noise and heat output?”

Standardizing for Torque?

14:04 – Korwin: “@Steve Burke Do you make use of a torque driver to standardise mounting pressures during thermal testing? Would there be much advantage to this when it comes to things like core Delta’s?”

CPU Current Limit Impact on Performance?

15:04 – PyroCF: “For the average overclocker, is there much benefit to increasing the CPU current capability past 100%? I’ve not notice it increase stability or performance, just temperatures! I’m guessing at non-extreme OCs you’re not going to be hitting a power limit.”

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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Keegan Gallick

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