Ask GN 81: Threadripper 2, RAM Training, Chipset Differences


This Ask GN episode talks about Threadripper 2’s release date, defines what memory training is (and how to do it), and talks about Z390 vs. Z370 chipset differences.
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Chipset Differences: Z370 vs. Z390

01:39 – Oliver Turner: “#AskGN What are the differences between Z370 and Z390 from a mainstream/gamer PC users point of view?”

What is VRM Switching Frequency?

05:32 – Xclio Xclio: “GN: How does increasing vrm switching frequency help overclocking? In what way is performance effected by increasing it? Higher is better?”

Dual Channel vs. Quad Channel “Memory?”

06:42 – Nory: “@GN Staff so what’s the difference between dual channel & quad Channel memory? Clearly there is some hardware difference. Check these two sticks of Corsair RGB 3200 mhz. Bottom is quad Channel Ryzen specific per Corsair.”

Threadripper 2 Release Date?

09:41 – XanaduMan: “@Steve Burke #askgn-questions Will AMD be releasing a 2nd generation Threadripper line (29xx)? Im looking to upgrade soon and Ive had my eye on Threadripper, but if the plan doing a second gen soon, then i’ll wait.”

More MITX Test Options!

11:10 – Red Mage Cecil: “#askgn-questions @Steve Burke For your mITX case testing, do you think there’s value in having a standardized, expandable test set (eg. Full-length GPU, full-sized tower cool used in your standard case reviews) that you can use to flex particular mITX cases that can accommodate the larger hardware to give a more real-world representation of what those cases are capable of? Do you think that it will muddy the data too much to be usable/comparable?”

What is RAM Training?

14:57 – DoctorWho8675309: “This question is about RAM training.. we have heard the term used many times but what actually goes into RAM training? Is this a handshake between motherboard and RAM then reported to BIOS and/or chipset? Are multiple boot records of frequencies that worked stored by the motherboard so upon next boot the motherboard already knows what should probably work with the RAM?”

Liquid Metal vs. Electrical Short

17:32 – Jason Blasi: “#AskGN My brother put conductonaut on his 580 and now it won’t boot. Guessing he shorted it. Anything we can do to get it running again? Already tried cleaning it off and reapplying arctic silver 5 instead. Appreciate your content!”

Who Actually Makes PSUs?

19:49 – DoctorWho8675309: “This questions concerns power supplies.. and maybe something you can integrate into your upcoming testing if it in fact is different depending on the power supply. But who actually makes the power supplies? Are they designed in house, components delivered and built at an owned factory? Are they designed by the company but actually making the product is outsourced? Or can they be completely oursourced where a specific unit is designed and built and a company simply slaps their name/logo on it?”

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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Keegan Gallick

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