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We’ve reached the 37th Arena of Valor weekly! It’s not a major milestone or anything, but we’ve lasted long enough to see one platform underperform and another to appear as if from nowhere. And no, we’re not talking about mobile vs Nintendo Switch this time around. That’s right – Arena of Valor looks set to release on another platform.
Missed last week’s roundup? You can check that out here.
Ready to rock? Let’s see what’s going on!
AOV PS4 release date
By far the biggest news of this relatively quiet week is that Arena of Valor looks set for a PlayStation 4 release sometime in the future. And this isn’t really a rumor, either; it leaked through the PEGI ratings board, meaning a practically complete PlayStation 4 build has been submitted to get the rating mandatory for release.
So a PlayStation 4 version of Arena of Valor is likely coming in the very near future. We don’t have any release timeframes (or any real information, for that matter). The game description used on the classification site is basically a word-for-word copy of the Nintendo Switch and Mobile wording, too, so it only talks about having “over 38 heroes” despite there being around double that on the Android/iOS version.
What we can say, though, is that this makes complete sense. Sure, you won’t really be taking Arena of Valor out on the go with you on a PlayStation 4, but the time and resources Tencent must have poured into sprucing up the graphical quality of the Nintendo Switch version alludes to them having committed to a PlayStation 4 release as well. After all, it’ll only really take a quick internal render resolution increase on the PlayStation 4 side to have those Nintendo Switch graphics looking like they belong there.
As for the details, we’d expect it to follow in the footsteps of the Switch version, meaning a fairly small initial hero roster with weekly/fortnightly releases, no direct account transfers, and probably no crossplay.
Just spill the official announcement, Tencent!
Xeniel's Codex Chapter 3 rewrads
This will be your last reminder from us to finish up any remaining Xeniel’s Codex / Valor Pass quests. The new chapter starts on Monday, meaning all those current rewards will fade away – including the Frozen Blade Butterfly and Frozen Rune Tulen skins.
Starting in late December, Xeniel’s Codex Chapter 3 has been the shortest one yet, lasting a mere 6 weeks and featuring only 60 of the usual 80 levels to boot. It was cheaper to buy into, but it still felt like less of a deal.
But what does this all mean for Xeniel’s Codex Chapter 4 rewards? We’re not entirely sure! The big January leak more or less confirmed that Annette’s Wonderland (Alice) skin would feature alongside the release of Wiro, and a new skin for Yorn. The recent release of the Vietnam version almost mirrors our leak, too, but we still don’t know if it will cap out at Level 60 this time around, too, or whether we’ll get any other skins or hero unlocks along the way.
We’re expecting Annette’s skin as an instant Level 1 unlock for buyers, with Wiro being available on the free side at Level 40, and the Yorn skin at Level 60. If Chapter 4 stretches the full 8 weeks, Yorn will likely feature as the Level 80 reward, leaving either a hero or skin unlock at Level 60.
Just remember to finish up your Codex quests in the next few days and spin that roulette wheel if you can. You wouldn’t want to lose out on those Magic and Evo Crystals.
AOV Chinese New Year rewards
It looks like one of the undocumented January Patch changes was a more streamlined Events window. Kicking off today, February 1, is the Chinese New Year event. It’s just like any other event in that it rewards logging in, playing with friends, and otherwise just playing a few rounds, with tokens you can spend on some limited-time goodies.
What we mean by streamlined is that the goals and rewards are all cleanly displayed on the same page, so you won’t have to keep switching screens to plan your next step.
So what can you get for your Chinese New Year event tokens? A single one gets you 5 General Skin tokens, 10 will get you a Magic Crystal, and 20 will get you the mysterious Chinese New Year Exclusive Pack.
There doesn’t appear to be a way to see what’s in the box, so that may mean it isn’t some luck-based chest with incredibly slim skin margins. We wouldn’t expect to get much from it, but it should be possible to hit up each redeem option through regular play over the course of the 11-day event.
AOV Feb skins
Lending credit to the January Patch datamine job, both Lu Bu and Natalya’s Chinese New Year skins released today. Both Natalya’s Leo and Lu Bu’s Crimson skin will be available for the next 7 days for the slightly discounted price of 1199 Vouchers being pulled back into the vault.
These two join the ever-popular Ghost Samurai Yorn and Trigger Happy: Golden Dragon Violet skin, available for 1874 vouchers, and through the Lucky Draw respectively – though only until tomorrow, before both will disappear yet again.
Those feeling lucky can try their hands at acquiring any of these skins through their respective chests for around 30 Vouchers a hit. There’s even the option to grab the Leo and Crimson skins in a double-pack for a reasonable discount. Potential Yorn players can even pick up a Yorn + Ghost Samurai bundle.


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