7-Second Riddles

Check these 10 difficult riddles with answers if you’re ready to think hard! These brain teasers will immediately speed up your thinking and improve your IQ! So, get ready to spend a lot of time solving these brain games. But the result is worth it! You will boost your logical skills and exercise your brain.

00:14 – A mind-blowing criminal case! Billy was a fitness instructor. One day his body was found in the man’s locker room early in the morning! Who killed him?
01:55 – Who killed him? Only the smartest Detectives will solve this criminal case! Test your skills right now!
03:15 – A difficult brain teaser on crime to test your IQ and boost your detective skills! Can you find the killer?
04:29 – A super tricky riddle for all the Detectives out there! Who is the criminal? Check your attentiveness and critical thinking 😉
05:57 – This is a cool picture puzzle that will make you rack your brain hard! Tell me who of these people aren’t who you think they are!
08:19 – Try to solve this crime puzzle and boost your detective skills! Tom worked as a Mickey Mouse mascot at Disneyland. One day his body was found in the dressing room! Who killed him?
09:24 – A tricky riddle om crime that will boost your logiс and make you think outside the box. You will have to look through the hint and identify two criminals: the killer and kidnapped. If you fail to find them, there will be two victims at the party, so don’t waste your time!
11:38 – One of them is a killer. Who? Test your logic with this short brain teaser!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS how many answers you got right!

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