An Awesome Model Who Broke Industry Standards


When you want to achieve something, you have to believe in yourself despite all odds. One Australian girl is a living example of that valuable motto because she’s proven to the world that she can break down any barrier in her way to make her dreams come true.

Madeline Stuart is the first professional model with Down syndrome. On the day she was born, the doctor warned her mother Rosanne that her child wouldn’t accomplish much in life because of the disability. If only that doctor had known how wrong he was! Rosanne understood all the challenges that were waiting for her daughter but was keen on giving her every opportunity to grow as an individual.

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Other women who break the rules of the fashion industry:
– Melanie Gaydos 4:12
– Kelly Knox 5:09
– Alba Parejo 6:12

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Disabled model Madeline Stuart from Brisbane, Australia poses with her Mother Rosanne Stuart during rehearsals for the FTL MODA presentation at New York Fashion Week in New York, on September 12, 2015: By TREVOR COLLENS/AFP/EAST NEWS,
Model Madeline (C) walks the runway for the Madeline show at New York Fashion Week on February 12, 2017: By KENA BETANCUR/AFP/EAST NEWS,
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– In 2014, Rosanne took her daughter to a fashion show, and it changed Madeline’s life forever because it was the moment when she found her passion.
– And her mom had no doubts that her daughter could be successful at whatever she put her mind to.
– Madeline managed to lose around 44 pounds (20 kg) by starting a diet and exercise regimen. Her mom then took her to her first professional photo shoot, and she absolutely loved it!
– Not long after that, Madeline started getting modeling offers and turned into a superstar in the fashion industry.
– In 2015, Stuart appeared on the runway for the first time. That same year, she received the prestigious “Model of the Year Award” at the International Fashion Show in San Francisco.
– In 2017 at New York Fashion Week, the world saw the first collection of her clothing line 21 Reasons Why. The name of the label was inspired by Madeline’s extra genetic material on her 21st chromosome, which is what makes her who she is today.
– But Madeline Stuart isn’t the only one who’s brave enough to break the rules of the fashion industry and change the standards of beauty.
– Model Melanie Gaydos from New York City also spreads her message of inclusion and acceptance. This girl was born with a rare genetic condition that affects the growth of her teeth, hair, nails, and even small bones. She also has alopecia and is partially blind.
– Another model who defies typical standards of beauty is Kelly Knox. She was born without a left forearm, and was never interested in hiding it with a prosthetic, even since the age of 7!
– A shy girl from Spain has also contributed significantly to breaking the typical “perfect cookie-cut” mold in modeling. Alba Parejo was born with a rare condition that caused her skin to be covered in moles and dark patches.

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