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The card will be distributed in Japan to participants in the Extra Battle Day events.
It’s been a great day for Pokémon OCG competitors in Japan. They’ve just received a look at not only the upcoming Star Birth set but also a ton of Gym promos available for competitors in events across the country.
Shortly after their reveal, a final reward for competitors was showcased that’s up for grabs to those who compete in the Extra Battle Day at upcoming tournaments starting on Feb. 5.
The Extra Battle Day events will boast a ton of extra-regulated battles separate from the standard Gym tournament events. Participants will score themselves a new reprint of Mallow & Lara from Sun & Moon’s Cosmic Eclipse set—this time with new art.
Along with new art, the card is also branded with the events logo. All participants will earn this card as a reward. Winners can also, however, score themselves a new tag-team Pikachu and Zekrom playmat.
If you plan on getting your hands on this card outside of Japan you’ll likely need to seek the online resale market as no distribution for an English version in the West has been announced.
Those in Japan who are heading out to compete in the standard Gym tournament events will earn themselves a promotional with one of seven random cards inside. Here’s a look at the new Gym promos that were also revealed today.
Pokémon OCG is set to get its latest set, Star Birth, late next week. You can also check out the full list of regular cards here.
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