Amazing Secrets Found In Everyday Things


Ever wonder how McDonald’s spoons work? Or what the inside of a tic tac lid does? How about, what the felt does on the side of an escalator. These are 10 amazing secrets hidden inside every day objects, that you didn’t know the purpose of!

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Have you ever wondered why escalators have built-in nylon brushes on the side skirtings? They’re not there just to shine your shoes. What about those yellow hooks on airplane wings? Surely they can’t just be for show. And seriously, what’s the deal with the McFlurry spoon?!

As it turns out, clever engineers and designers put far more thought and planning into these mundane, everyday objects than we give them credit for. There’s a reason why your jeans have a tiny pocket. Notebooks aren’t designed how you’d expect either. You’ve probably been eating tic tacs wrong this entire time too!

Enough chatter – let’s reveal the secrets of everyday objects.

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