AMAZING HIDDEN POOLS that You’ve Never Seen Before


And pools should not exist You’ve Never Seen Before

Everyone likes swimming pools, right? After all, what could be better than diving in a cool pool on a hot summer day? However, aside from man-made pools, wouldn’t it be really cool to find your own secret hidden pool that was made by nature? What could be more interest-ing than jumping into a million-year-old pool, or how about a prehistoric cave and trench filed with water. But be careful, some of these are really dangerous, and others are just simply amazing to look at. So grab your towel and swimsuit and let’s check out these 15 Amazing hidden pools created by nature.

1. Melissani Cave, Greece

Our first hidden pool is located east of Kefalonia, Greece. Surrounded by forests, Melis-sani Cave and the pool within appear almost magical.

2. To Sua Ocean Trench, Lotofaga, Samoa

Moving away from the Mediterranean, we go to Samoa and the To Sua Ocean Trench. This hidden pool exists in the middle of a lava field and is beautiful not only for the contrast it provides but for its almost perfect symmetry. At thirty meters wide, it is about average in size when compared to the other hidden pools in the world, and it is full of brackish sea water.

3. Jacob’s Well, Texas

Not all pools are peaceful, though. In the United States, there is a pool that can lead some divers to their deaths.

4. Kabagno Cave Pool, Anda, Bohol

For a slightly safer swimming experience, there is a hidden pool in Anda, Bohol. Kabagno Cave, also known as Cabagnow Cave and Pool, is disconcertingly clear.

5. The Grotto Peninsula National Park

Similarly, the Grotto in Tobermory, Ontario is a great place to spend a weekend swimming. The cave containing the pool, much like the one within which Kabagno resides, is made of limestone that’s been carved by the water.

6. Fingal’s Cave, Staffa, Scotland

To break from the mold of the bulk of these caves and pools, we look to Fingal’s Cave in Scotland. Fingal’s Cave is cited as a piece of art as much as a natural structure.

7. Cenote Calavera, Mexico

If swimming is really on your mind, though, then Mexico offers a climate that’s far more forgiving for swimmers than Scotland. Cenote Calavera is named as such because it looks like a skull with its two small chambers that are ideal for both casual swimmers and more experienced divers.

8. Queen’s Bath, Kauai

Speaking of pools that are a little strange and a little dangerous, Queen’s Bath in Kauai stands out from the rest of the pools on its list for the degree of danger and appeal it pre-sents to potential visitors.

9. Hinatuan Enchanted River, Surigao del Sur, Philippines

On a less dangerous note, there is the Hinatuan Enchanted River in the Philippines. This pool embraces its magical nature. The water of this pool – which is more technically a river – is sapphire in color and clear as day.

10. Grotta della Poesia, Roca Vecchia, Italy
The Grotta della Poesia in Italy is another place of extreme natural beauty. This pool is considered to be a historied, favorite swimming spot of ancient Italian princesses whose beauty inspired poets to create literary works for them – thus giving the pool its name.

11. Bahmah, Wadi Shab, Oman

The pool Wadi Shab is known to be a pool popular with both locals and tourists in the Al Sharquiyah Region in Oman.

12. Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls

The Devil’s Pool offers an equally beautiful but extremely deadly version of this natural beauty. The Devil’s Pool resides just next to Victoria Falls – quite literally.

13. Pools at the Desert

There is one unnatural pool on this list of hidden beauties. There is a pool in California’s Mojave Desert that is more an artistic effort than an actual pool, but that doesn’t mean that visitors can’t swim in it.

14. Hamilton Pool, Texas, USA

Hamilton Pool in Texas is another limestone-based outcropping that attracts visitors on a daily basis. This hidden pool is considered a historic site and is preserved by the Travis County Commissioner’s Court.

15. Ik Kil Cenote, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Finally, Ik Kil Cenote pool on the Yucatan Peninsula serves as another pool that’s formed naturally over the past several thousand years – though it’s not so well hidden as some of the others on this list.

Even though they’re all significantly different, these fifteen pools are all equally beautiful, strange, and available for you to visit. Until more start circulating in public consciousness, they are some of the most stand-out sources of natural, pool beauty in the world.

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