A Test That’ll Show If You’re Really Happy


Do you think you’re happy? Happiness is a funny thing. You can go years without feeling anything special but only later look back and realize that it was the happiest time of your life! So, where you sit on the happiness scale? Take this test to find out!

And remember that your happiness is, to a high degree, within your control. This test will also tell you how you can become a little happier.

Question #1 1:20
Question #2 1:46
Question #3 2:14
Question #4 2:37
Question #5 3:05
Question #6 3:32
Question #7 3:53
Question #8 4:24
Question #9 4:46
Question #10 5:14
Question #11 5:42
Question #12 6:03

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– If you got 60 – 100 points, you’re rather unhappy with your current life. You don’t really feel complete in who you are, and that’s why you often get self-conscious, jealous, and annoyed. If you really wanna find your happiness, just start looking!
– If your result is 105 – 140 points, you’re only steps away from your ultimate happiness. You’re friendly, laid-back, and spontaneous. You love helping others and spending time with the people you care about most. So, you’re basically in the perfect golden middle!
– If your score is 145 points or more, you certainly know what happiness is! You’re one of those rare types that light up the room and make everybody around them feel better. And that’s because you’re content with yourself and don’t see others as your competition.

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