A Shocking Sleep Technique to Always Get What You Want


Ever wish your dreams could come true? Then you’ll wanna know about this technique that can help you finally get what you want in life! All you have to do is go to sleep!

This really cool “sleep your dreams into reality” technique comes from a school of thought in philosophy called the Law of Attraction. The whole premise is that you can change your life for the better just by blocking out the negativity in your subconscious that’s standing in your way. And you should do it before you go to sleep because this is the time when you have the most direct connection to your subconscious…

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How exactly to do that 1:04
How to shut off that black-and-white thinking of what you are 2:53
What you should envision 4:43
What a vision board is 5:08
Why you should keep a journal 7:39

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– We always think in black or white, good or bad, and can or can’t. The thing is, though, that all these things we think about ourselves aren’t necessarily facts, they’re just beliefs based on our past experiences. And since they’re just concepts, they’re not permanent.
– According to this Law of Attraction technique, you can tune into the subconscious part of your mind just as you’re getting ready to go to sleep. At this time, your conscious mind takes a back seat, and you have a short window to your subconscious right before you fall asleep.
– So tonight, when you lay your head down on your pillow to go to sleep, envision “the real you”. You are those things! Once you change how you view yourself, the whole world is your oyster!
– Vision boards are an excellent tool to help you get what you want in life. According to the popular inspirational book The Secret, which explores the Law of Attraction in detail, visualizing things is one of the most powerful mind exercises you could possibly do.
– Just remember that vision boards aren’t necessarily about material things you want. While you can still include this in your board, it’s also important to include things that inspire you in a general sense, like quotes you love or mantras you live by.
– And finally, one more way you can turn your dreams into a reality is to keep a journal. Writing in a journal is a great ritualistic approach to organizing your life and trying to reach your goals.

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