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We’re now in the thick of holiday season, which means that the Pokémon fan in your life is due for a gift. (If I’m in your life, that’s me – I’m the Pokémon fan.) This two-part series will walk the uninitiated through purchasing Pokémon TCG products for your loved ones. Let’s get into it.
With ten booster packs from various sets, including the wildly popular Sword & Shield – Evolving Skies, you can’t go wrong with the Reshiram & Charizard-GX Premium Collection. The promo card here features a Gold Charizard (and of course Reshiram, who I love, but Charizard has a special place in TCG fan’s hearts) so even if the collector in your life already has this, any collector will gladly go for another. The number of packs in here makes this an incredibly fun opening experience with a higher likelihood of pulling something rare from a pack.
The one issue with this Pokémon TCG box is that it is Walmart-exclusive, which may limit your chances of picking one up. It remains a highly sought-after box.
This one is for the big spender. Retailing at almost $120 USD, this is the most stacked box of the year. It includes 17 booster packs of Celebrations, the Pokémon TCG‘s 25th Anniversary set, two promo cards, two metal cards that are valued above the MSRP of the actual box, and bonus packs from other sets. If you’re looking for the ultimate gift for a collector, this is the box to get.
If this price point is too high for you, don’t worry. There are more affordable options. Including:
Including a mix of Celebrations packs, Pokémon TCG promo cards, and crafts, this is a much more affordable taste of the 25th Anniversary set. The Collector’s Chest also doubles as a lunch box after it has been opened.
Another gift on the more affordable end of the spectrum is the First Partner Pack: Kanto. This includes three jumbo cards featuring the original Starter Pokémon and two booster packs: a Sword & Shield base and an Evolving Skies. The packs alone make the price worthwhile, and the jumbo cards are great display pieces. There are also First Partner Packs for the other seven generations, but if you don’t know which your Pokémon TCG fanatic would prefer, the best bet is to defer to Kanto which contains the original species.
Now, on the higher end of things once again, you can’t go wrong with a booster box. This is the ultimate pack-opening experience, as each box contains 36 packs. These retail for about $144, but local game shops will often sell current sets for under that amount. If you are looking to purchase a booster box, your best bet is Sword & Shield – Evolving Skies. This beloved set came out in Summer 2021 and is the most beloved expansion of the year. Thankfully, prices on this set have also dropped below MSRP due to a recent reprint from the Pokémon TCG. This can be ordered online as well at fair prices.
Stay tuned for Part Two!
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