A Pilot Survived a Plane Crash And 15 Hours Among Hungry Sharks


Amazing stories about people who’ve survived a plane crash are also extremely rare. But what if I tell you that one man not only stayed alive after his plane dropped into the ocean, but also managed to fend off hungry sharks for a whopping 15 hours until he was rescued? It happened in 1986, and this man’s name was Walter Wyatt, Jr.

The thirty-seven-year-old flight engineer was flying from Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, to Miami on a rainy December day. He was the only person on board his twin-engine Beechcraft, but the plane got lost because of bad weather and lack of navigation equipment. What happened next is truly a miracle.

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Navigation problems 0:33
The rescue team arrives 2:01
Both engines collapse 2:33
Wyatt left alone in the sea 3:44
Trying to survive 4:36
Sharks surround him 6:49
Coast Guard to the rescue 9:41

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-The plane had already traveled over Andros Island when the sky darkened ominously, and the compass needle started to gyrate wildly. Bimini, the westernmost region of the Bahamas, didn’t show up, and the pilot realized he was lost.
-By the time the white-and-orange Coast Guard jet appeared, night had already fallen, and the right engine of Wyatt’s plane had started to sputter.
-Beechcraft’s pilot followed the Falcon, but both engines had collapsed. Circling over the place of the crash, Falcon desperately tried to locate the plane, but there was neither machine nor man to be seen.
-Within seconds, the plane was gone underwater, with Wyatt left adrift in the rough sea.
-The pilot had previously taken a sea-survival course and knew how important it was to conserve energy. But he knew that in the darkness, with the weather so stormy, and the waves raging around, nobody would be able to spot him in the water.
-Out of the blue, he felt something massive bumping into his leg. Sharks had arrived to have their feast. When the first shark dived and headed toward his legs, Wyatt managed to slam his heel forcefully between its eyes. When two other sharks dashed toward Wyatt, he gave several frantic kicks and managed to fend off those beasts as well.
-When the Coast Guard finally came back for him, Wyatt started to wave his bright-orange life vest to attract the pilot’s attention. A sleek boat rushed through the waves, and soon the man was already hanging onto its bottom rung.

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