A 26-Year-Old Man from India Saving Lakes, And Here’s His Heroic Story


1.8 billion – that’s how many people on our planet are currently living without access to clean drinking water. One of the biggest culprits of this problem is water pollution. Luckily, there are people like Ramveer Tanwar setting an example and taking action to solve this crisis!

Ramveer Tanwar is running a campaign #SelfieWithPond on Facebook to draw the attention of young people to the problem of dying lakes.

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Water crisis in India 0:22
How Tanwar gave lessons to kids 1:14
The first restoration 2:19
What “Groundwater Army” does 3:38
#SelfieWithPond campaign 4:37
Stop talking, start planting 5:14
School strike for climate 6:56

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– When Tanwar was a student at a local technical university, he noticed that his favorite childhood hangouts were starting to disappear. While clean water levels are declining throughout India, the crisis is especially bad in the remote regions like where Tanwar is from.
– Tanwar started off by giving lessons to kids from his village, who began to feel like they had to do something about their dying water sources.
– Later, he told the students to come with their parents every Sunday to a special place where he’d facilitate a discussion and suggest methods to conserve water.
– In 2015, Ramveer and his team of volunteers, students, and their parents removed all the garbage from the first pond. Not only did they clean it, they also planted some trees around it.
– Thanks to the efforts of many volunteers and enthusiasts, dozens of lakes and ponds have been restored throughout India. The most important thing in cleaning these bodies of water was to prevent further pollution.
– The state authorities then helped Ramveer set up something called “Groundwater Army” organizations in each district of the state, and the young pioneer is now the coordinator in his district.
– Another campaign the young Indian environmentalist started is called #SelfieWithPond. The idea of it, according to Tanwar himself, is “to connect the youth with dying lakes, which are being converted into dumping sites.”
– Felix Finkbeiner, a 21-year-old from Germany, is the founder of a global youth movement called Plant for the Planet. Its 75,000 climate ambassadors have planted a total of over 15 billion saplings worldwide!
– Another example of a young person gaining international fame for their passionate pursuit of improving our planet’s ecology is Greta Thunberg.
– In the summer of 2018, when a crazy heatwave struck northern Europe and caused forest fires, she took a handmade banner and sat on the stairs of the Swedish Parliament building all by herself.

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