9 Unbelievable Social Media Features You’ll See Before 2025


Over the past 2 decades, social media has gone from 0 to 60! There’s no denying the effect it’s had on us and the complete and utter domination it has on our daily lives. We wake up, and we check Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and this continues all day long until we go to sleep. People are turning into overnight millionaires and becoming famous just by being interestingly visible and popular on their social media accounts. So where is this all going? What’s in store for us in the evolution of this digital era?

Virtual reality headsets 0:46
“Smart” contact lenses 1:12
E-textiles 1:42
Smart watches 2:24
Implanted microchips 2:53
Smart tattoos 3:12
Virtual reality 4:54
Augmented reality 5:48
Social Transparency 7:15

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– Virtual reality headsets are just now becoming comfortable and popular enough to make it into the mainstream. It’s projected to hit social media in the realm of deeper, more teased-out experiences.
– Computerworld called “smart” contact lenses the “ultimate wearable,” and, like VR glasses, they will change the way we interact with social media.
– Your clothing would essentially alert you when a friend was nearby and even light up around like-minded people.
– Apple watches and other versions of smart watches have already made it more accessible and easier and quicker to respond to people. In the future, as the technology in these devices evolves, we may be able to project holographic displays.
– Swedish company has already started microchipping their employees. This microchip lets them badge into buildings, get into concerts, and even share things via social media.
– A group of PhD students from MIT and Microsoft Research has already come up with a (temporary) smart tattoo you can use to control your cell phone!
– VR is an artificial, computer-generated simulation of a real-life environment. Imagine being able to take college courses, attend a concert, or visit your doctor’s office when you’re sick — all from the comfort of your home.
– Augmented reality is defined as a “technology that layers computer-generated enhancements on top of existing reality.” Maybe we’ll have entire rooms in our houses dedicated to augmented and virtual reality.
– In the future, social media will basically force us to be very transparent. People will be able to see how committed we are to things in our life like our hobbies, causes we are passionate about, and even our friends and family.

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