9 Proofs That Cats and Dogs Are from Different Planets


It’s known that most pet lovers are either cat people or dog people. And even scientists are trying to find out what the difference between the owners of these pets is because cats and dogs really are very different.

And while scientists are trying to crack this mystery, today’s video is about how different our four-legged friends’ views on devotion and love are. So here’re 9 funny comics about how life with dogs and cats differs. By the way, are you a dog person or a cat person?

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Sentimentality 0:03
Who serves whom 0:18
Just came home 0:33
Places to pet them 0:51
Feeding 1:14
Who’s the boss 1:44
Walk 2:06
Sleeping 2:20
Playing 2:52
Bonus 3:27

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