9 Mysterious Places That Leave Scientists Confused


The history of the world is full of surprising mysteries. None of us will live long enough to see them all solved. Scientists have already discovered a lot about the Universe, but there are some real places out there that even leave them completely baffled! Have you ever heard, for example, about boiling river or never-ending lightning storm?

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Blood Falls 0:24
Floating Islands 1:12
Fiery Gates 1:59
Never-ending Lightning Storm 2:55
Boiling River 3:52
Split Sea 4:42
Twin Town 5:29
Sleeping City 6:22
The Petrifying Well 7:30

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– For a very long time, scientists couldn’t figure out what the reason was behind this crimson fall. At first, they believed that red algae gave the water its gory tint. But new studies found that iron oxides are present in the water.
– Despite these islands constantly moving, locals build their huts on them because most people in the area earn money by fishing in the lake.
– In the hot Karakum Desert in Turkmenistan, there’s a 226-foot-wide hole that’s been on fire for almost 50 years!
– If “lightning never strikes the same place twice” then apparently this unique spot in Venezuela where the Catatumbo River meets Lake Maracaibo didn’t get the memo. Here, there’s an average of 260 storm days and about 1.2 million lightning bolts striking it a year.
– Located deep in the Peruvian Amazon, this 4-mile-long river known as Shanay-Timpishka gets as hot as 196°F, which obviously means no swimming if you don’t wanna become soup!
– The devastating flood that hit Kerala, India last year almost submerged the whole state underwater. But then the locals saw a narrow strip of sand that had surfaced from the water along the beach and literally split the sea into two.
– While the national average of twin births is no more than 9 in 1,000, the number is as high as 45 in 1,000 in Kodinhi.
– Speaking of mysterious villages, this real-life and literal sleepy hollow is the remote town of Kalachi in Kazakhstan. In 2013, locals couldn’t stop falling asleep while they were doing everyday activities.
– This mystical well is located near the River Nidd, which runs through Knaresborough in North Yorkshire, UK. Oh yeah, and its water is known for turning objects into stone!

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