9 Interesting Facts About Vagina You Must Know

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9 Interesting Educational Facts About The Vagina

Fact #1: The Vagina is Expandable Approximately Up to 199%

Fact #2: Its Possible to “Exercise” Your Vagina

Fact #3: There is a magical G-Spot

Fact #4: There is a similarity in Sharks and Vagina

Fact #5: There Are Eight Thousand Nerves in the Clitoris

Fact #6: Stop Washing Your Vagina!

Fact #7: It was a Disney Movie which first used the Word “Vagina”

Fact #8: Stop Shaving Your Pubic Hair

Fact #9: Don’t say “Vagina” in the House of Representatives, You might get Banned

If you think your vagina looks weirds, you are not the only one. This video will discuss some of the unknown or less well-known facts about the vagina that will amaze you. The vaginal isn’t weird. Over half of the population has one and it is amazing.

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Every girl should know these important facts about her vagina to maintain proper vaginal health. How many of these did you know already? 🙂

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