9 Incredible Riddles That’ll Make You Want To Rewatch Them

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Here is a new portion of incredible riddles that will make you want to rewatch them! A number of studies have shown that solving riddles and quizzes is one of the most effective ways to train your brain. With these fun brain games you can improve your logical skills and attentiveness. Try to crack all of these tricky puzzles and share your answers in the comments below:

00:14 – Can you solve this blood-freezing crime riddle without pausing the video? I bet you won’t because it’s too hard to crack in just 10 seconds. But if you cope with this, it’s safe to say you’re a genius with sharp logical thinking skills and the eyes of a hawk! How long will it take you to solve this?
01:28 – A true story!😁 I will definitely try this trick to check if my husband really goes fishing or … somewhere else? And if you’re a man, just watch and file this carefully in order to not be trapped and get hooked on this simple check. Anyway, this is a riddle with answer for the wisest people ever, so use your common sense and logic 😉
03:08 – A mind-blowing test revealing what age will you get married at! Don’t laugh when you see this title, because it is all true (at least for all adults who have taken this). How can this be true? Well, we pick the most appealing ring according to its shape and size. It’s our subconscious, not logic which makes this choice. So it’s not a prophecy or magic, but just a statistical information. To believe or not is up to you, but at least it can help you think over your priorities and goals you want to achieve in life!
05:32 – This tricky word puzzle will reveal your dark side😈 I bet you won’t answer these questions without at least one dirty thought at all! Let’s check if you can think quickly under this pressure 😁 How many of them did you solve?
07:11 – A crime riddle to test your brain! The suspects claim to be innocent, but you know that one of them is lying! Who did it? This picture riddle can be easily cracked if you check every single detail and connect the dots! 👮‍♂️
08:12 – Let’s see if you can pass the FBI special test which only the smartest and most attentive candidates can crack! As an FBI agent, you would have to go off book and decide really quickly relying only on your eyes and common sense. That’s why you’re offered to train using this picture puzzle. Imagine that one of them is the criminal you’re chasing and the other one is the kid’s father, just a civilian. If you arrested the wrong one, the criminal would escape holding the kid hostage. What would you do?
09:25 – This is a mind-blowing personality test that reveals the most amazing features a human being can have. If you have at least one of these physical attributes, you’re among the most unique people and can consider yourself a wonder of the world 😉
11:02 – Here you face the hard moral choice you’ll need to make! I’ll say no more, and you try to sum up all the pros and cons by yourself and find the answer to this difficult puzzle. This short philosophical riddle has the answer, so if you can’t make your choice, just wait for the solution to be revealed!
12:19 – A hard puzzle for quick-thinkers! Let’s see if your mind is still as sharp as a blade and test your logical thinking! Have you got this one right?

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle completely blew your mind?

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