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Here is a set of easy riddles that are hard to solve! You will find out that they are pretty easy only if you have a mind of the detective. Mysterious crime riddles will take lots of your time so don’t be shy to pause the video and think more about the right answer. You’re welcome to share your thoughts on these puzzle games in the comments below:

00:14 – Hey, friend, now you’re trapped and no one’s going to help you😈 Your only slight chance to survive is taking a pill, but which one? Well, I will give you some time to crack my ingenious logical riddle, that would be fair. Use your logic to guess which pill will save your life. Time is starting now!
01:26 – Hey, Detective, this is your first case, so don’t fail me! Seems a trivial case of suicide, but something is bugging me…Don’t you feel something’s wrong here? Check the pieces of evidence once again while I’m going for coffee, ok? This detective riddle will be your debut today🕵
02:26 – A cool trick that will teach you how to measure time in any unusual circumstances, of course, if you get how it works😜 Before the secret is revealed, you will have to rack your brain hard and try to find it out by yourself. Feel free to manipulate the hourglasses as you wish, just do not break them😁 Even if you fail to do this, don’t blame yourself as this task is a really hard one only 10% of people can crack!
03:25 – This is one of the riddles on crime that will give you a full brain workout for today! You will have to rack your brain really hard to figure out the answer🕵 Well, Detective, let’s see if this slippery one can outsmart you!
04:37 – A short but hard riddle with an answer that will require all your common sense at once and entirely. Don’t rush to give your answer, because there is a trick hidden in the terms. Only a person with a strong analytical mind will be able to crack this riddle the first time. If you failed like I did, you should probably take your time while making a decision, it’s OK, because all of us have different temperaments, just use your strengths.
05:41 – A fun detective story to increase your brain power and make you LAUGH! Are you more like Watson or like Sherlock? Tell me in the comments if you guessed the correct answer on time!
06:47 – A fun logo quiz to test your memory and attentiveness (and your brand loyalty😃)! Challenge your eyes and brain and try to crack each puzzle. If you feel you’re running short of time, pause the video, relax and try to imagine what this logo looks like. How many of them have you solved?
09:27 – This tricky crime riddle will challenge your ability to think logically and quickly because time is short and the riddle is really difficult! But don’t be afraid and turn on your brain, I believe you can cope with it! If you feel like running short of time, just pause the video and take your time, I won’t tell anyone😜
11:05 – Challenge yourself with this logic puzzle for the smartest solvers only! To solve this, turn on your brain and use 200% of your logic power (at least it may help). This cool picture puzzle will exercise your brain and boost your imagination. Tell me what you think!

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