7-Second Riddles

Wake up your brain in 7 seconds with these crime scenes and detective riddles! If you want to improve your logical skills and critical thinking then keep watching this video! These criminal cases and tricky riddles will test your general knowledge and boost your brain power:

00:14 – Who was planning an act of killing? A difficult crime riddle to boost your intelligence and critical thinking!
01:10 – Who stole the money from the cash register? A logic brain teaser to warm up your brain and sharpen your mind!
02:29 – Can you spot the odd emoji out? A brain-boosting portion of picture puzzles to test your attentiveness to the smallest details 🙂
04:54 – A mysterious Halloween riddle on crime that will make your blood run cold! Test your intelligence by solving this tricky detective riddle with an answer. I failed to crack this one and so did my friends, but you have a chance to shine!
06:13 – A tricky riddle on crime that will boost your logiс and make you think outside the box. You will have to look through the hint and identify two criminals: the killer and kidnapped. If you fail to find them, there will be two victims at the party, so don’t waste your time!
08:27 – Who killed Fred? Can you crack this detective puzzle and find the killer? Test your logic and increase your critical thinking!
09:22 – What an easy logic puzzle! Wait a second, if it is an easy riddle, why do people fail all the time? This fun picture puzzle will test your logic and deduction skills! Just look at the suspects and figure out who is the criminal! I know you have that keen eye and perfect logic so you’ll crack this logic puzzle right away!
10:52 – A tricky riddle with a blood-freezing answer! Can you find the truth before the time is up?
12:29 – Which chef is the killer? A brain-boosting puzzle to test your logical thinking!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which question was the hardest for you!

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