8 Simple Exercises to Relieve Leg and Knee Pain


How to relieve pain in your legs and knees? It’s one of those problems that don’t discriminate. You can be young or old, an athlete or a couch potato; leg pain doesn’t care you who are! Lucky for all of us, there are certain exercises that can help relieve muscle pain in the lower limbs. They don’t require much time or special equipment, you can do them from the comfort of your own home. But remember that they can make a huge difference only when done regularly!

Warm up 1:23
Exercise #1: Calf raises 3:45
Exercise #2: Toe rolls 4:57
Exercise #3: Standing calf stretch 7:01
Exercise #4: Tennis ball roll 8:53
Exercise #5: Standing hamstring stretch 10:42
Exercise #6: Towel Stretch 13:10
Exercise #7: Achilles Stretch 15:03
Exercise #8: Wall leg rest 16:47


– Calf raises target your core, calves, thighs, and joints. This exercise also stretches the small muscles at the bottom of your feet and improves blood circulation.
– If you’re doing toe rolls right, you’ll feel stretching on the top of your entire foot.
– Standing calf stretch takes some coordination. It’s really useful for those who sit all day.
– The exercise with a tennis ball relieves pain in your arches and treats plantar fasciitis. You might have this condition if you sometimes feel dull to sharp pain on the bottom of your heel or foot.
– Standing hamstring stretch targets the back of your thigh and knee. But it also treats lower back pain and improves overall mobility!
– Towel stretch is another exercise that can treat plantar fasciitis. Remember, it’s that dull or sharp pain in the bottom of the foot.
– Achilles stretch helps relieve pain in your calf. It also treats Achilles tendinitis, shin splints, and plantar fasciitis.
– Consider wall leg rest a little relaxation time for your hard work today. Go to your happy place! Hey now, don’t be reaching for that phone!

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