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NO EXCUSES | People who living despite all
Some people often complain about their lives and therefore do not notice that they live in a state of depression. If you feel that you cannot attain something, feel dull and helpless, then remember the super human from our today’s top eight people whose chances, will and cheerfulness are rather limitless than limited.

Nick Newell. The story of this fighter would not be remarkable for something special, if not for one thing only: Nick Newell copes with all life’s misfortunes and rivals in the ring with one hand from birth. Being a schoolboy, and later a college student, he went to the ring often. He was defeated in the first 17 fights, but then he adjusted and managed to win more than three hundred times. As a result, he acquired a skill that allowed him to defeat his rivals in the MMA.

Girl with allergies to the sun. The sun causes not just irritation, the entire body becomes blistered after contact with the sun’s rays. She has to cover all parts of her body with clothes to go out into the street. But the girl does not get upset and continues to live a full life, spending time with the same people in the places where Night is day and Day is night. Yes, they do everything that ordinary people do, but only after the sun goes over the horizon.

Brin Duncan is the girl who received the nickname “Bubble Brin”. She lives with an allergy to everything, literally. She has allergies to grass, trees, smoke, vegetables and fruit, in a word, an allergy to life.

Mark Goffeni is a true rocker who plays the guitar with no hands. It’s beautifully obtained from his feet… At first he played in the streets of Los Angeles, and now travels the world gives performances from his own band and surprises people with his concerts. He earned and donated $ 13 million to charitable organizations for children. Famous musicians gave Mark the nickname – the thumb. He opened concerts of such stars as Tom Petty, Def Lepard and Journey.

Maynard spends hours at the gym. He firmly decided to become a champion. He tied the straps to his arms. He worked on the rings, pressed the weight lying down and did many other strength exercises with the help of simple adaptations.

Nick Vuicic …. “You do not know how!”, “You’re nobody!” – Nick heard it every day at school. And at some point he realized that foreign words and actions can not determine his personality. His life has changed dramatically since that moment.

People often considered Alexei Nick as Vuychich in USA: passers-by smiled and greeted, asked permission to make a pick. He destroyed all the limits of disbelief. «The harder the fight, the greater the victory», says 32-year-old Alexei Talai. He is the father of three children, a businessman who takes iinspiration for actions and advancement in business from his loving wife.

Rahman Siamand is one of the most powerful person on the planet and the strongest participant in the Paralympic Games. Heavyweight entered his name in the history of the Paralympic competitions in Rio de Janeiro: he crossed the border at 661 pounds in bench press and, breaking his own world record, set a new benchmark for followers and rivals in 683 pounds. Everyone knows the importance of the legs in bench press, they do not help Rahman. But this did not stop him from breaking two records at once: world and Paralympic.

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