8 Brain Games That’ll Mess With Your Mind

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Here is a portion of 8 brain games that will mess with your mind! If you want to keep yourself thinking and improve your logical skills then try to solve these brain sweating riddles. Some of them will be super easy and some of them will make you do some hard thinking 😉 So, if you are ready, get right into solving these brain games and don’t forget to share your answers in the comment below 🙂

00:14 – This thrilling crime riddle is a difficult challenge for your eyes and brain, so take a deep breath and concentrate before you press ‘play’. Tell me in the comments if you’ve found Mary!
01:34 – A tricky picture puzzle for the smartest solvers! Can you count how many sockets are in working condition here? If you can do this on time, you’re among 13% of the most brilliant minds in the world. If you failed just like I did, have a rest, grab a cup of coffee and try again!
03:08 – That’s sad if we can’t trust even the closest people. But that’s no excuse for giving up, is it? You just need to clear everything up and take a firm decision on how to go on. This is what our cheated on man decided to do! So, are you smart enough to guess this riddle and find out what brilliant idea he came up with?😉
04:36 – If you like listening to loud music with headphones on just like I do, this trivia is a must-have for you today! I hope this information will somehow protect you from loss of hearing and what’s even worse, some possible weakness in your brain. I know how difficult it is to abandon your favorite habits and guilty pleasures, but it’s something we have to do. Let this trivia be your first step toward your healthy future😉
05:59 – A tricky picture puzzle that will test if you’re able to identify a fake gadget among some things you use every day. Only a quick-thinker with incredibly sharp vision or a true fan of a brand will be able to spot what’s wrong. Are you ready to challenge your brain?
07:08 – This blood-freezing test will show if you’re psychologically ready for killing a person😱 I would say I don’t even want to know this, but I’m a bit cowardly, you know…Anyway, will you dare to take this test and know if a cold-minded killer hides inside you?
09:35 – This difficult crime riddle will challenge all your detective skills and make you strain your eyes! Carefully examine the suitcases to find the deadly substance before it blows the plane up. Are you smart enough for such kind of task?
11:44 – A cool picture puzzle with a short personality test at the end that will probably help you understand yourself better. Quickly study the picture and pick the phone that seems to be the most suspicious to you. Then just wait for the answers!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last test!

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