7-Second Riddles

Here is a set of 20 7-Second questions and riddles that will stretch your brain 😉 Get ready to think hard and fast! Some of these puzzles are super easy to crack but some will make you think for a while 😉 So, get ready to spend a lot of time solving these brain games. But the result is worth it! You will boost your logical skills and exercise your brain.

00:14 – A difficult blood-freezing riddle that will blow your mind! You have to give the right answer to survive!
01:33 – What should she choose to survive in Antarctica? A logic riddle that will make you think twice and increase your knowledge!
03:22 – Who is the parent? Check out this portion of visual puzzles to test your logical thinking and boost your attention!
04:51 – Who lies? Check out this tricky riddle that will boost your IQ and test your logic. Be careful to the details and you’ll easily find the answer!
06:01 – A difficult thrilling riddle that will make you think hard! Why is he looking inside the elevator? Try to answer before the time is up 😉
07:07 – How many kids do they have? A set of short visual puzzles to test your attentiveness and logic! Share your answer to the last teaser in the comments!
08:18 – Whose child is it? A brain-boosting riddle to test your IQ and increase your logic 😉
09:23 – Who is planning to kidnap? It’s a small set of crime riddles to test your logic and boost your IQ!
10:55 – It’s a short tricky quiz to test your logical thinking! Guess who is a man!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle completely blew your mind!

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