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Delicious treats using chocolate and Nutella

Hey sweet lovers, in this videos I bring to you some delicious hacks to satisfy your sweet tooth. This way you’ll be able to decorate your dishes like a true pastry chef.
– I show you how to use bubble wrap and melted chocolate to give your cream-filled cakes a very modern look.
– If you are looking to experiment with different chocolate shapes, I show you a cool way. – Melt some chocolate and then pour it (while it’s still hot) on top of ice-cubes.
– I also show you a delicious way to bake a chocolate and vanilla cake for you and your guests. You’ll only need some cocoa powder, flour, sugar, baking powder, oil, and eggs.
– I show you how to use melted chocolate to create pretty much anything, from chocolate noodles to swirly flower leaves.
– Of course, marshmallows couldn’t be missing from this video. I show you how you can turn plane marshmallows into delicious party candy that kids will love.

0:07 – How to decorate your dishes
2:04 – Awesome cake recipe for beginners
3:13 – How to make chocolate noodles
6:03 – DIY chocolate stamps
7:45 – Sweet marshmallow treats
9:35 – Chocolate decorations
11:28 – DIY chocolate bowls
12:36 – Kinder Bueno cake recipe
16:00 – How to make your own ice-cream
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